An insurance-free practice!

Service Regular Optimal Wellness Program
Examination $65 $55
Brief Examination $45 $35
Adjustment $55 $45
Child Adjustment $35 $25
CMRT only Adjustment $30 $20
Extremity only Adjustment $30 $20
Cold Laser treatment $20 Free
Ultrasound treatment $20 $10
Biomat (25 minutes)

Consultation Only (15 minutes)





Missed Appointment Fee $40 $40


Additionally, Optimal Wellness Program patients receive 10% off many supplements and products.

Missed appointments include cancellations made within 24 hours of the appointment.

All house calls incur an additional $20 charge.  If the house call requires an especially large distance to be traveled then this charge may be more.

Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.  Checks may be accepted with established patients.

Payment is due at time of service, before services are rendered.

If billing is ever required for any reason, then a $10 billing fee is added to the charges for each bill sent.

A late fee of $20 will be incurred for any payment over 15 days late, unless prior arrangements were made.