The Optimal Wellness Program

The Optimal Wellness Program

What is the Optimal Wellness Program?

It is The Family Doctor DC’s answer to insurance.  Traditional insurance is based on the allopathic medical model, which is a sickness-based approach to “health care.”  It seems a conflict of interest for a doctor to rely on sickness for her livelihood.  The Family Doctor DC believes that a doctor should be paid to keep you well, rather than keep you sick.

The Optimal Wellness Program is an exclusive program for patients dedicated to reaching greater potentials by striving for optimal health.  It is an agreement between the doctor and patient where both have a vested interest in maintaining the patient’s best well-being.  If the patient holds up to his/her end of the bargain, then he/she will ultimately save large amounts of money through natural health care.  As the doctor holds up her end, she reduces overhead and stress in her practice while adhering to her philosophical principles.  The ultimate result is a healthier patient and a happier doctor while both sides do better economically.

Here’s the deal!  The patient must be clear of acute and major chronic conditions in order to be eligible for the program.  For adults, the patient must keep his/her obligation of 2 to 4 maintenance/wellness visits per month. A minimum 6 month obligation to the program is required. Once in the program, should the patient acquire a new condition and require additional treatment beyond his/her suggested maintenance schedule in a month, then he/she pays half the cost of the normal visit for any visits beyond the 5 per month. Patients on this program always receive reduced costs for any additional services needed.  Children on the program have a maintenance schedule of 1-2 times per month and pay half the cost for any more than 3 visits in a month. Optimal Wellness Program patients receive a $10 discount per adjustment, a large number of free services, and 10% off most supplements and products sold in this office!

The catch is in the patient’s willingness to commit to a better lifestyle.  If the patient fails to maintain at least 2 visits per month (unless the doctor recommends less) without valid reason or the doctor feels that the patient is not complying well with recommendations, then he/she will be removed from the program and resume the normal pricing schedule.

Keeping the nervous system working well and the body aligned are essential for optimal health.  SOT® Methods chiropractic offers a unique opportunity for whole body wellness care.  Even a seemingly symptom-free patient can have nervous system dysfunction and misaligned structures.  The holistic gentle approach of  SOT® Methods allows for specific, in-depth adjusting so that patients can become better and better on many levels with each adjustment.  I encourage all patients to strive for optimal performance and lifestyles and become Optimal Wellness Program patients!