Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy

Debt Free! Insurance Free!

The Family Doctor Chiropractic Physician not only brings back the way doctoring should be, but the way business should be as well. The Family Doctor is a debt free practice!  Dr. Decker has eliminated many factors that deteriorate the integrity of a health practice. This allows her to keep prices low and flexible while keeping focus on the patients.

Low overhead and low startup costs are what keep this business affordable. Take a look around the office. The walls, flooring, paint, moulding, etc were all built out by the doctor and a helper. The desk, seating and tables were built or refinished by the doctor and a helper. Just about everything in the office was done with the owner’s labor rather than using startup loans. As the money comes in, more is added to the office. This has allowed the doctor to start the practice debt free and keep it debt free.

The Family Doctor is also an insurance free practice! Insurance drives up the cost of healthcare significantly and can lower the quality of chiropractic care. How?

  • Large overhead is required to pay employees to file insurance claims and fight for payment.
  • Administrative fees are examples of additional costs that insurance-based practices have to factor into their charges.
  • Insurance practices are restricted in charity and do not have much flexibility to alter fee schedules for low-income patients.
  • The paperwork required to maintain an insurance practice adds an extraordinary number of hours to the work week, which reduces the amount of time that the doctor can spend with patients.
  • Insurance is based on allopathic treatment models and conflicts with chiropractic vitalist views.

An insurance free practice puts the patient’s care back into the hands of the patient and doctor, which means out of the hands of corporate bureaucracy.

At The Family Doctor, patients get better care at affordable prices and the doctor is able to put all her focus into what matters, the patient!