What is Chiropractic?

What is Chiropractic?

An Art, a Philosophy, and a Science

Chiropractic PracticeWhat Do Chiropractors Do?

Chiropractors help to remove the obstructions that inhibit self-healing.  An SOT® Methods chiropractor, in very simple terms, takes anything in the body that isn’t where it belongs and puts it back in its place.  This is called “adjusting.”  The more specific the adjustment, the greater the effect to make change in the body towards healing and health.  Chiropractors also advise the patient on lifestyle changes including diet, nutrition, and exercise.

Organs, fascia, muscles, and joints can all be adjusted in a variety of ways.  If something is not where it belongs then its function changes.  If something in the body is dysfunctional then it can lead to a cascade of events in which many other parts of the body are affected via the intricate pathways of the nervous system.

Chiropractors are nervous system doctors!

Why is the Nervous System so Important?

Your body is basically a foundation made of bones; levers and pullies made of ligaments and muscles; a plumbing system consisting of blood, the digestive tract, cerebral spinal fluid and lymph; additional structural support and protection called fascia; and a communication network comprised of the nervous system.   The brain and spinal cord is the communication hub by which all functions in the body are coordinated and those communications pass through the nerves.  No function in the body is carried out without commands and feedback passing through the nervous system.   Every thought, every movement, every biochemical change in the body is associated with the nervous system.  If the communication system of the body is inhibited for any reason, then dysfunction arises.  The smallest dysfunction can eventually turn into the commonly known diseases as defined in allopathy.

Chiropractic Philosophy

What is Allopathy?

Allopathy is the philosophical approach to much of western medicine.  Typically an allopathic practitioner approaches treatment as though each part of the body is independent of the rest.  Allopathy defines disease by a list of symptoms and thus treats disease by treating symptoms with medication or surgery.  Treatments often create other symptoms which are in turn managed with more medication or surgery.

How is Allopathy Different from Chiropractic Philosophy?

Chiropractic philosophy is a vitalistic approach recognizing that the complexity of the human body cannot be broken down into tiny parts and treated one part at a time as though each piece is separate from the others.  Rather, every part of the body is intricately connected to every other part and there is an intelligence to the human system in which the body can heal itself if the interference causing the problem is removed.

Symptoms are merely warning signals of dysfunction and may not even be present in many cases of dysfunction.  Many variables create the inconsistent symptoms seen in different patients who may have the same dysfunctional patterns.  A list of symptoms allows allopaths to define disease so that a specific remedy for the symptom may be applied.  That list of symptoms will rarely be enough to direct the practitioner to the correction that needs to be applied.  Chiropractors treat the cause of the dysfunction, not the cause of the symptoms.  SOT® Methods chiropractors determine the correction of the cause through the patient’s own indicators produced through the nervous system.  Any symptoms that are present dissipate as the body returns to a healthy, functional state.  Chiropractors believe that treatment should not lead to other illness or symptoms that will have to be addressed with further treatment, but rather should return the individual back to an optimal state of health reducing the need for treatment.

More on Chiropractic Philosophy

“Chiropractic” is not an adjective as it may sound, but rather it is a noun.  “Chiro” is a prefix meaning “hand.”  The “ic” is a suffix meaning “pertaining to,” however its usage has a deeper meaning in that it denotes an art and philosophy.  So, “chiropractic” is a word that stands alone to describe the art and philosophy of treating the body by hand.

Chiropractic is a very diverse profession with a variety of philosophical details determining each practitioners methods and approach.  However, certain philosophical principles are congruent amongst true chiropractic practitioners.  Chiropractors are a family of healing artists who recognize that there is an innate intelligence that allows the body to heal itself.  Thoughts, traumas, and toxins are the basic causative contributors to dysfunction in the body.  The body can heal naturally without drugs or invasive procedures if given the proper environment and if obstructions that inhibit the healing process are removed.

The need for allopathic medicine is recognized, appreciated and utilized in emergencies and in chronic situations in which a patient  is not willing to make lifestyle changes and just looking for symptomatic relief.  However, in non-emergency situations there are many wonderful natural avenues for innate-driven healing, all of which require a strong functioning nervous system.