CMRT Organ Therapy

CMRT Organ Therapy

Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique

What is CMRT?

CMRT stands for Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique and is the name given to SOT® Methods organ therapy.  Many dysfunctions labeled as allopathic diseases can be prevented or corrected by simply correcting the organ structures that are involved. Good alignment and proper nervous system signals are essential for good physiological function. CMRT includes correcting nervous system signals to the organs, adjusting the position of internal organs, and adjusting the fascia and other organ-related structures.  The nervous system correction required to return an organ to normal function often involves some form of spinal adjusting as well as reflex adjusting.

Reflexes, in this case, refer to the patterns that the nervous system sets up in association with specific problems in the body.  Eating poorly digestible foods, excess or prolonged stresses, misalignment of the spine, cranium, and/ or extremities, and poor posture are some examples of causative factors for dysfunctional internal organs. When a reflex pattern is established, it can be difficult to break up without specific care such as what the practice of CMRT provides.

Everything in the body is connected by way of the nervous system and fascia. Read more about the nervous system under What is Chiropractic?, Sacro Occipital Technic and Craniopathy. Now think of the white film over the muscles when you prepare a raw chicken.  That white film is an example of fascia. Its like a bunch of shirts protecting and holding together the structures of the body. Fascia covers each muscle, each organ, each group of muscles, each group of organs and so on. All fascia in the body is connected, like the shirts are all sewn together. Tug the collar and the bottom seem moves.  Pull the sleeve on one shirt and another shirt moves and is distorted.  Put a basketball in one shirt and see how it pulls the other shirts.  So, move an organ out of place, rotate the spine, leave a constipation mass in the bowels and imagine how it affects the rest of the body by way of the fascia.

Additionally, the internal organs can be thought of as a plumbing system with a complex computer (the nervous system) running the show. Sit for long periods of time and cut off the bowels – the lower portion of the plumbing system. Slouching pushes the stomach into the esophagus…so on and so forth.  Cut off the flow of the plumbing system in any way and dysfunction ensues. Feedback is given to the nervous system, which sets up a signal pattern.

All of the internal organs require good nutrition to function well. Furthermore, nutrition can be depleted when any of the organs are not functioning properly.

CMRT entails addressing all factors including nutritional correction, misalignment, fascial pull, and nervous system communication.